International Conference
of Layers, Films and Membranes
for Green, Environmental and Biomedical Sciences

Thank you for your participation and fruitful discussions!
Photographs of the conference are downloadable here.

Date: May 14-16, 2018 (Key date)

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, IB 101, 201, 202

(May 14, afternoon)
(Y) Oral presentation of young scientists & students

(May 15, 16)
(A) Fundamental research of layers, films and membranes including synthesis and characterization.
(B) Analysis of layers, films and membranes by microscopic, spectroscopic, electromagnetic and other techniques.
(C) Application of layers, films and membranes in green, environmental and biomedical sciences.

(May 15, 16, noon)
(P) Poster presentation

(May 15, evening)
Banquet (free)/student exchange meeting (free)

The Best Oral Presentation Awards and the Best Poster Awards are opened to the presenters in section (Y) and (P), respectively.